An effective pill against erectile deficiency problem, Viagra is widely prescribed as it is very effective and as it comes safe.

How Viagra works

Viagra directly acts on the muscles in the penis. Once Viagra is taken, the muscles in the vessels get relaxed, which means more blood in the penis. The penis stands erected and the erection lasts for a longer period when the blood flow is maintained.

How Viagra has to be used

The Viagra impotency drug can be used in empty stomach or with food. You can use this drug about 30 to 45 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. When using Viagra, keep in mind not to do anything what your doctor has not advised. Always stick to the prescription; never use more of the drug as it can be risky.

Viagra pills shall be taken 30 minutes to 45 minutes ahead of sex. Keep in mind not to take a viagra pill within 24 hours of the first dose.

Discussing with the doctor

Viagra may not suit all persons. The doctor may not prescribe this erectile deficiency drug or he may go for some dose adjustment if you have any of the following conditions; heart problems, liver issues, kidney problems, high/low blood pressure, problms related to the blood and issues with regard to the penis.

What to avoid while taking Viagra

If you have started to use Viagra for your impotency related issues, make sure that you do not consume alcohol. Moreover, avoid grape fruit and grape juice as they can also interact with viagra.

If you are under any medication that contains nitrates, the physician will not advice Viagra as combining the two can lower the pressure levls, which can lead to cardiac arrest or even stroke.

More information while using Viagra

Some persons could experience numbness, dizziness and tingling in the chest, jaws, and arms when engaging in sexual activity after taking Viagra. If you come across any of these problems, consult the physician immediately as these side effects could lead to other complications.

When using Viagra, be careful of the long erections that may last or many hours. Long erections are dangerous as they damage the penis. So if you have such a condition, call the physician immediately.

Viagra is also known to decrease the flow of blood into the optic nerve, which means that the eyesight could be affected. But it has not been established if Viagra is the reason for this. People having diabetes, eyesight problems and hypertension have come across such a problem after taking viagra.

Viagra Side effects

Viagra is no exception t the allergic reactions and side effects. Swelling of lips, face, mouth or tongue, breathing problms and hives are some of the allergic reactions that people using viagra can expereince.

If you expereince sweating, ill feeling, sudden loss of hearing and vision, ringing in ears, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, pain spreading to shoulder or arms, nausea and fainting, you have to better stop using viagra and contact the doctor at once.

The Less serious Viagra effects include headache, redness (chest, face, neck), back pain, stomach upset, memory problems and stuffy nose.

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